Steve McCabe MP asks local businesses for their views on HS2

Steve McCabe MP is contacting local businesses in his constituency to get their views on HS2 to inform his work in Parliament.

In the past few weeks HS2 has featured high on the political agenda. The pros and cons of the high-speed rail project have been discussed at length in Parliament which is why Steve is keen to hear what local businesses in his constituency and Birmingham have to say on the project.

Steve has always supported HS2 because he believes that it will boost employment in Birmingham and bring investment into the city. In a national context, HS2 presents an opportunity to connect the country and address the capacity constraints on the existing rail network. Within the next 15 years, the three main rail lines that connect the North with the South will be exhausted which would have grave economic consequences for the Midlands and cities further North.

Network Rail forecast that upgrading the three existing North-South Main Lines could cost as much as HS2 and would require weekend closures and disruption for 14 years. It is also argued that HS2 could cut the journey time from London to Birmingham by 35 minutes which may be of benefit to some. This link has the potential to help rebalance the economy between the Midlands and London, supporting jobs and growth.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“For some people the benefits of HS2 are clear, however, I am aware that many people also have concerns about the project. I recently spoke with constituents at one of my regular Report Back events and was surprised to learn that two thirds of those present had doubts about the cost and timing of the project. I value the views of my constituents and always try to take them into account.”

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