Steve McCabe MP welcomes news from BBC to focus digital innovation in Birmingham but wants to see even more investment in the region

Tony Hall, the Director-General of the BBC has outlined the first phase of plans to increase the BBC’s activity in Birmingham and bring new business to the Mailbox Headquarters. Plans include making Birmingham a new front to the BBC for digital innovation, particularly in arts and drama, and skills and talent and development.


The teams who deliver entry level training schemes, talent and skills development, including inductions, will be based in Birmingham.  BBC apprenticeships and traineeships will also be run from Birmingham


The BBC has also agreed in principle with the Arts Council, England that Birmingham will become the new home for The Space, their pioneering digital arts partnership.  Teams from Birmingham will also make contributions to the BBC’s Shakespeare season in 2016


Steve McCabe MP said:

“I very much welcome this news by the new Director General of the BBC as a sign of faith that he will keep his word about Birmingham and Midland’s licence payers getting a fairer return on the contribution they make to the BBC.


“I welcome the proposed new jobs and feel it is the beginning of a fresh start in our relationship with the BBC but we still need to see more radio and TV production in Birmingham and we need to grow his idea about the Mailbox so that it becomes an incubator for all the talent available in the area, this includes artists, writers, technical staff and many other skilled young people who really are the future for the BBC.”

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