Steve McCabe MP joins Billesley School to showcase fashion forward recycling project!

Steve visited Billesley Primary School to watch their fashion show as part of the Scrap It! Recycle Project.


Scrap It! Is led by Artistic Director Caroline McDowell who has teamed up with Billesley Primary School to design and create new costumes created using material collected from home, together with items brought in by the company to reuse and recycle. Children from Billesley School showcased their inventive designs in a Fashion Show on Friday 29th November.


Steve was presented with a special MP cape and hat made by Billesley school pupils, which he modelled as part of the fashion show.


Birmingham based Moving Hands Theatre Company are collaborating with

Arts Forum Selly Oak to take their community recycling project into primary schools to work with teachers, children, parents & volunteers to design and make fun, creative and practical items out of waste materials.


The project aims to inspire the children to continue recycling at home and pass on their knowledge to family and friends, as well as being a fun & creative project. Scrap It! aims to encourage participants to think about the impact of waste on local communities and where we live e.g. on litter and the environmental impact of disposing of working/useful items.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“The Billesley School fashion show was great fun and I even had chance to model one of the creations, although I think I will leave the modelling to the professionals in future!


“Scrap It! Is a great project to get children thinking about the importance of recycling and the children were really imaginative about turning so called rubbish into costumes.”

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