Steve McCabe MP praises work of charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young

Steve McCabe MP shows support for charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young, as it launched an inspiring new resource for young people who have been diagnosed with a ‘hidden’ yet potentially fatal heart condition.

The new book, “Young, fit and suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening condition”, features 10 personal ‘essays’ from young men and women who recount their own experience of being diagnosed. It also includes an introduction from double Olympic gold medalist, Tom James, who was diagnosed with a heart condition known as Atrial Fibrillation in the run up to the London 2012 Games.

Cardiac Risk in the Young is well known for the support it offers to hundreds of tragically bereaved families, who have been affected by young, sudden cardiac death. However, this latest campaign highlights the work it also does with the growing numbers of young people coping with the shock diagnosis of a potentially fatal heart condition.

Despite the reassurances from expert doctors, friends and family, such a diagnosis can still have devastating effect on these “apparently fit and healthy” young people. The new book offers information on early diagnosis, effective interventions and ever developing treatments, which is a fantastic resource for young people in terms of addressing their questions and anxieties following their diagnosis.

Stephen McCabe MP said:

 “I think that Cardiac Risk in the Young have developed a fantastic book for young people faced with a sudden life threatening condition, particularly as it shows young people with this condition that they are not alone and offers a number of coping mechanisms.  I would like to congratulate the charity for the work it continues to do in supporting young people whose lives might otherwise been turned upside down by such a sudden diagnosis.”

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