Did Santa bring a tablet for Christmas? Have you made sure you are safe online?

Steve McCabe, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Selly Oak and Labour’s Shadow Children’s Minister, is reminding parents to make sure Christmas presents like tablets and smartphones are protected.
Research shows that tablets and smartphones are topping Christmas lists this year with many parents buying their kids these must have gadgets. It is really important that parents know how to make sure their kids are safe online and don’t accidentally stumble across content which is not age appropriate.
It is important that parents enable Parental Controls on any internet device; you can use age-appropriate settings to filter, monitor and block your child’s activities. It is also very important, especially for older children that parents talk to them about online safety particularly when using social media and chat sites.
Steve McCabe MP, Shadow Children’s Minister said:
“It is really important that any parent buying their child an internet device this Christmas, like a tablet or smartphone, makes sure there are proper parental controls on the device so your child can’t accidentally stumble across inappropriate content. It is also really important for parents to talk to children about staying safe online, especially on social media and chat sites.
“Of course I don’t want to worry parents but it is important that you have peace of mind that kids are safe online and you know what they are looking at. Parents who want advice about how to make sure their kids stay safe online can visit www.getsafeonline.org for more information.”
Top tips for children and young people to stay safe online:
-          Never give out personal information out online like your name, age, where you live or phone number or email address
-          Use a nickname or online screen name
-          Don’t share your passwords with anyone but your parents
-          If someone does or says anything online to make you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent or guardian right away
-          Don’t arrange to meet anyone you’ve met online, no matter how well you think you know them
-          If a website asks you to register online and you have to fill out an email form, always ask your parent or guardian before you fill anything in
-          Don’t open emails from people you don’t know, they could contain a virus or unwanted messages. Be safe and just delete them

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