Steve McCabe MP calls for increased support of cancer carers

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, is calling for the Care Bill legislation to be changed to ensure the NHS in England identifies and signposts cancer carers to support.

Steve spoke with bereaved carers, including family members, and discussed how an estimated 36,000 people each year die in hospital beds when they would prefer to die at home. Macmillan believe that people with cancer who are in the final weeks of life should have the choice to die at home, surrounded by friends and family, rather than blocking expensive hospital beds.

The Bill is expected to include measures such as a cap on care costs of £72,000 from 2016, standardised national criteria to determine services people are entitled to, continuity of care when a person moves or enters adulthood, support for carers who look after people with long-term conditions and new legal rights to services, information and advice for carers.

The Care Bill’s passage through Parliament represents a golden opportunity to allow this to happen. Steve McCabe is joining Macmillan in seeking a firm commitment from the Government that it will make a decision by the end of this Parliament on free social care at the end of life to make dying at home a feasible option for more cancer patients.

Steve is continuing to work with Macmillan in Selly Oak and nationally to ensure that people affected by cancer are helped and supported throughout, and at the end of their cancer journey.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think that it is extremely important that people with terminal cancer and their families should be able to choose where they want to die. For patients and their families, facing cancer is extremely distressing; it would be comforting for them to know that they have a choice for where they want palliative care to take place.

“The current care system offers little financial protection for the cost of care which is why the Care Bill is so important. Better support needs to be provided for patients and carers and the Care Bill presents an opportunity to do this.”

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