McCabe demands answers to basic rubbish questions

McCabe demands answers to basic rubbish questions
Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe has slammed the latest advice from a leading member of the ruling Tory/Lib Dem Council, Cllr Timothy Huxtable. Steve has labelled the advice as “woeful and inadequate”.
Steve said:
“My office has been inundated with complaints from constituents who have unhygienic and unsightly bin bags piled up in their streets. Parts of Birmingham are now beginning to resemble a shanty town rather than the UK's second city. Rubbish is piled up everywhere you look and the rats are engaged in a feeding frenzy.
“It is not rocket science. The council must know exactly where and how many collections have been missed due to the weather and the industrial action. They must also have a pretty good idea how much extra rubbish they expect to collect over the Christmas period. It shouldn’t be too difficult to work out therefore how many crews are required to clear the back log and by when it will be done.
“Simply advising residents to leave the rubbish on the pavement  without any indication of when it will be picked up is woeful and inadequate.
“People will understand that the weather conditions caused difficulty before Christmas but they will not understand why a ruling Cabinet collectively paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year cannot establish the basic facts required to resolve this sorry state of affairs.”
" I have demanded immediate answers to the following questions:
  • On what date was the first collection in December missed in the city due to the weather?
  • Since that date how many properties have been without a collection?
  • Since December 27th how many properties have not had a collection?
  • How many properties will receive a collection in the next 7 days?
  • By which date will every property in the City have had a collection?"


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