B30 Foodbank on frontline of cost of living crisis

Volunteers at B30 Foodbank are rallying together twice a week to provide the last lifeline to people who have found themselves in severe financial struggle and have to turn to a foodbank to feed their families.

Local MP Steve McCabe MP was invited by B30 Foodbank, based at Cotteridge Church, to see their service first hand and talk to volunteers about why they give up their time to help.


Steve was told the main reason people turn for help at the foodbank was because of benefit changes and delays which often leave people without any income what so ever. More surprisingly was that the second most common reason for people needing help from a foodbank was because they are on a low income and can’t afford these basic essentials, these are people in work who can’t make ends meet.


B30 Foodbank is part of the Trussel Trust network of foodbanks and is sponsored and supported by all the churches in the B30 Churches Together network. B30 Foodbank opened in September 2013, since this time they have fed well over 800 adults and children who have found themselves at crisis point. The Trussell trust charity reported 355,000 people received food parcels from its foodbanks between April and September 2013- more than the entire number given out during the whole of 2012.


Steve said:

“The volunteers at the B30 Foodbank work really hard week in week out to help and support our most vulnerable people who have found themselves at crisis point and have to turn to a foodbank for essentials. They do a fantastic job but really in the 21st Century the question we should be asking is why do we need foodbanks and why is the demand for them growing?


“The Prime Minister is really keen to tell us everything is ok but in my constituency we are in the top 20% for unemployment and people are telling me their pockets aren’t feeling better and they are struggling more than ever. Foodbanks are a symptom of the cost of living crisis ordinary people are facing every day and we need to do more to make sure our economic recovery is benefiting us all.”

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