New survey shows Brummies not buying police cuts

A survey of voters in the Selly Oak constituency of Birmingham published by Steve McCabe MP shows th

Five hundred people from across the Selly Oak constituency took part in a survey which is part of a series conducted by Steve McCabe into the public’s attitudes to policing, anti social behaviour and criminal justice.

The survey reveals that there is real anxiety about cuts in policing, opposition to abolishing Anti Social Behaviour Orders and scepticism about the cost and benefits of elected Police Commissioners.

Steve McCabe said, ‘I would expect these views to be replicated across the West Midlands and elsewhere. It’s no surprise that the government is so unwilling to engage with people on the changes they have in mind because these are the wrong choices and not what people voted for. We’re meeting with the Chief Constable and Sector Commander to discuss what can be done in the circumstances that now exist and how best we can ensure that the public voice is heard in the kind of policing that is delivered.’

Steve McCabe’s survey on the future of local policing

Currently, NHS and International Development budgets are secured. Do you think that we should protect funding for neighbourhood policing?

90% of respondents think funding for neighbourhood policing should be protected.


On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = not worried; 10 = very worried) how worried are you about the impact of police cuts on local policing and the level of crime and anti-social behaviour?

80% of respondents are worried or very worried about the impact of police cuts on local policing and the level of crime and anti-social behaviour.


Do you think that electing single police commissioners will improve police accountability?

Only 7% of respondents think electing single police commissioner will improve police accountability


Do you agree with me that mixing policing and politics is a worrying political experiment?

88% agree with Steve McCabe that mixing politics and policing is a worrying political experiment.


Do you think that Anti Social Behaviour Orders have played a part in dealing with Anti Social behaviour?

55% think ASBO’s have played a part in dealing with anti-social behaviour.


Do you agree with plans to abolish them?

67% are against plans to abolish ASBO’s



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