Steve McCabe MP joins Subway to recognise its ongoing commitment to public health nutrition

Steve McCabe MP joined Subway in Parliament to highlight its commitment to public health and its leading position in endorsing a seventh nutrition-based Responsibility Deal pledge.

Following a visit to a local Subway branch in his constituency at the Maypole, Steve met with National Board member Rachana Pancholi, who spoke about the brand’s efforts to help customers make an informed choice without compromising on taste, with their affordable and healthier low fat options. Subway is often seen as just another hot food takeaway but they work hard with Heart Research UK to try and ensure that they produce healthy products as well as raising money for the charity.  They offer a range of foods containing low fats and highlight those products with a Healthy Heart Symbol on their menu.

To date Subway has endorsed all of the six nutrition-based Responsibility Deal pledges, committing to reduce salt (achieving a 48% reduction on average across the product range), eliminate trans fats (with all products free of trans fats since 2009), display calorie information on menu boards, cut calories across the product range and improve access to fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy, balanced diet, as well as reduce saturated fat.  Subway is the only Quick Service food retailer to have endorsed the calorie reduction pledge as well as the saturated fat pledge and today the Out of Home Salt Targets pledge.  No other on-the-go High Street food chain has matched this commitment.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I recently visited a local Subway branch in my constituency and saw the great work they do and healthy food products on offer so it was great to hear that the brand is continuing its commitment to public health nutrition. With ever growing fast food chains that don’t deliver on nutrition and the growing problem of obesity in the UK it is refreshing to come across a fast food chain that is committed to public health targets and taste.”

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