Steve McCabe MP put under the spotlight by local school kids

Steve met with Year 6 pupils from Raddlebarn Primary School to get answers on the major issues of the day.


 From local issues like street lighting and rubbish collections to national issues like the future of the European Union and the crisis in Ukraine, the Raddlebarn pupils certainly asked hard questions.  They asked Steve what he thought on big issues like what we can do to tackle obesity, how we can achieve gender equality and what we can do to tackle ever rising energy prices.

Steve visited pupils at school where questions came thick and fast, the whole class then made the trip down to Parliament to see what it was all about and see where all the big decisions about the country are made. 

Steve McCabe MP said:

“The pressure was certainly on when I met students from Raddlebarn Primary School who asked some tough questions, I certainly wasn’t let off easily. One pupil even asked if I liked David Cameron, which was a tricky one to answer.

“I was really pleased to meet the pupils in Parliament too, I think it is really important that the future leaders of our country know what it’s all about from an early age. I certainly think we might be seeing some future MP’s coming out of Raddlebarn School!”

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