Constituents raise concerns about transport, local libraries and youth unemployment at Steve McCabe MP Report Back

Steve McCabe MP hosted one of his regular Report Back meetings with constituents at Bells Farm Community Centre on Thursday 10 April 2014.

Steve talked about the work he has been doing in his constituency and in Parliament and shared the results from his recent local survey on transport provision in Birmingham. Steve revealed that a majority (71%) were satisfied with Birmingham’s transport service and most people felt safe on public transport, with 76% never having experienced anti-social behaviour. Steve also noted that there was a high level of support (68%) for a new runway at Birmingham Airport to increase passenger capacity. Constituents were interested to learn that views were much more mixed on HS2, 12% were wholly in favour of HS2, 28% were generally in favour but felt there must be good control over the costs of the project, 32% were totally opposed and 18% were unsure as they did not know enough about it. Steve has shared the results with the Transport Minister, Head of Centro and the Chief Executive of the HS2 Project.

Several constituents expressed their fears over potential future changes to transport and pensioner benefits, specifically; bus passes. Many were concerned about a change to bus passes for elderly people which would potentially see many lose the benefit to travel where they wanted by restricting the journeys to regions only. Residents felt that a potential change like this would be likely to increase isolation and depression amongst older people.

Other issues which were high on the agenda were the future of local libraries and youth unemployment. Many felt that libraries could be better utilised and used for other services beyond lending books. One constituent suggested a good way to enable young people to get work experience was to marry up young volunteers to teach elderly people how to use computers and tablets in local libraries as a way to tackling isolation amongst the elderly.

Speaking after the event, Steve McCabe MP said:

“I really enjoy hosting my Report Back events as it is a great opportunity to meet with my constituents and hear about issues that really matter to them. To me, it is important to hear what my constituents have to say so that I can feed their views back into my work in the constituency and in Parliament.”

Steve’s next Report Back will be on 1 May at Warstock Community Centre, for further details phone 0121 443 3878.

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