Latest figures reveal unemployment is up in West Midlands

Latest figures on unemployment have been released by the Office of National Statistics which show a rise in unemployment in the West Midlands bringing the jobless rate to 8.2% well above the UK average of 6.9%.


The fall in the unemployment rate to 6.9% for the UK as a whole is positive but look a little deeper and the story isn’t so rosy in all parts of the country. Unemployment actually rose in the West Midlands to 8.2% and the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance in Birmingham Selly Oak constituency still remains in the top 20% of the country.


These figures come just after the Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest network of foodbanks, revealed that over 900,000 adults and children have received emergency food parcels from Trussel Trust foodbanks in the last 12 months, this is a 163% rise on numbers helped in the previous financial year.


Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, said:

“While the Government sits back and tells us all the economy is recovering more people than ever are seeking help from foodbanks to feed their families. People in Birmingham aren’t feeling better off and the fact that unemployment has gone up in the West Midlands and other parts of the country just shows that this is a recovery for the South of England.


“We need to see more jobs and investment in the West Midlands and the regions if we are going to get people back in work and ease the pressure on family budgets.”

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