Steve McCabe MP demands meeting with Minister for Disabled People over PIP shambles

Steve McCabe MP is demanding a meeting with Minister of State for Disabled People after being inundated with complaints from vulnerable constituents about the Personal Independent Payment application process.

Constituents have been waiting as long as 10 months for decisions on their PIP applications and are still waiting. Capita, a private company who the government have contracted to manage PIP assessments, have cancelled home assessments with short notice and no explanation. Many are still waiting for their assessments and have no idea when their assessment will take place or when they will receive a decision. The most recent figures from the Department for Work and Pensions show that 220,000 people made PIP claims but less than a fifth were processed indicating what an administrative shambles the application process is. Capita revealed to Steve that they are not fit for purpose and do not have the capacity to respond to complaints made because of their backlog.

PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance under the Coalition Government which pays between £21-134 a week. Until registered for PIP, disabled people cannot claim other crucial benefits such as bedroom tax exemption, severe disability premium and travel passes to get to and from hospital appointments. Macmillan Cancer Support also reported that many have died whilst waiting, they say that the delays have left the sick utterly destitute.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“The handling of PIP applications is utterly shocking. It’s absolutely outrageous that vulnerable people, many of whom are terminally ill, are struggling due to an administrative backlog. I have tried to raise my constituents’ cases with Capita who have refused to answer me or give me any information which is why I have demanded a meeting with the Minister. This issue is not going to go away and if it isn’t dealt with properly it’s only going to get worse, our disabled people deserve better than this.”

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