Labour vows to shake up Gove’s education system and hand responsibility to local school commissioners

David Blunkett MP today published his report ‘Review of education structures, functions and the raising of standards for all: Putting students and parents first’ which sets out Labour’s plans to devolve more responsibilities and oversight of school standards to local school commissioners and away from Whitehall.


Labour’s education team has accepted the recommendations made in the report and has committed to introducing the new post of an independent director of school standards at the local level which will see key functions currently exercised centrally by the Secretary of State devolved locally. These local school directors will monitor, support and challenge schools to improve and will play a key role in identifying failings in schools and helping them to drive up standards. Local school directors will oversee all state-funded schools, including academies, free schools and faith schools.


Shadow Education Minister and Birmingham MP, Steve McCabe said:

“At present over half our secondary schools in England are being run centrally from Whitehall and it is not working, the Secretary of State is not identifying failing schools in time which is putting our children’s education at risk.


“In recent weeks there have been reports and speculation about the so-called ‘Trojan Horse Operation’ here in Birmingham, these serious concerns demonstrate it is just not practical for our schools to be run by bureaucrats in Whitehall. Labour is committing to introducing new local school commissioners who will monitor all state-schools, whether managed by the local authority or not, this will allow both parents and teachers to report failings, hold them to account and ensure we have transparency in our schools.


“These reforms are an important step in making sure our education system is rooted in our communities.”


The report can be viewed in full here:

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