Constituents raise concerns over housing, social care and road safety at Steve McCabe MP Report Back

Steve McCabe MP hosted one of his regular Report Back meetings with constituents at Warstock Community Centre on Thursday 1 May 2014.

This was part of a series of events he holds across the constituency to hear the views of local people and to update them on his work in Parliament. Issues discussed included: the HS2 bill; opportunities to innovate and grow the work of local libraries; and, Labour’s pledge to cap rents and scrap letting agent fees in the private rented sector. Many constituents felt that this announcement was a positive in making it more secure for people to rent in the private sector and ensuring more affordable rents as well as controlling the Housing Benefits bill.

Constituents also raised concerns about social care for the elderly and the quality of care homes following the BBC Panorama revelations about the treatment of elderly people in some care homes.  Many constituents felt that staff training needed to improve and that there was also a problem with low wages and zero hour contracts. Steve pointed out that he was also concerned about the quality of some of the inspections given that one of the homes had been given a clean bill of health only two months earlier. He has raised this in Parliament.

Also on the agenda was concern about speeding in residential roads with quite a lot of support for the proposed 20mph zones provided they are properly enforced. Problems with quad bikes and motor bikes being used by youth on pavements and recreation ground is also a great concern for local people.

And finally, local councillors who attended the meeting were left in no doubt that the city’s green waste policy will need to be reviewed and undergo some changes as they aren’t at all happy with the present arrangements.

Speaking after the event, Steve McCabe MP said.

“There was a lively crowd at my Report Back event and it was great to hear what my constituents had to say about the issues that concern them. My Report Back allows me to hear what’s happening on the ground outside the Westminster bubble and it really helps inform the work I do in the constituency and in Parliament.”

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