Centro and HS2 bosses answer Selly Oak constituents

Steve McCabe MP shared his transport results with HS2 and Centro bosses.

Centro were pleased to hear that 76% of people have never experienced Anti Social Behaviour on public transport and that a majority were satisfied with the transport service. Centro boss told Steve that crime on the bus network has fallen year and year for the past 6 years and now sits 67% lower than in 2007. The survey also revealed that 75% of people felt that Birmingham should invest more into making cycling safer. Centro told Steve they are hoping to implement major initiatives through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Smart Networks Smart Choices programme to make cycling safer.

HS2 continues to feature high on the political agenda and their boss Alison Munro was quick to reassure Selly Oak constituents about the benefits. Steve’s survey results found that 12% of people were wholly in favour of HS2, 28% were generally in favour but felt there must be good control over the costs of the project, 32% were totally opposed and 18% were unsure as they did not know enough about it. HS2 Chief acknowledged that the results demonstrated the challenges facing HS2 but explained how the first phase of HS2 is expected to support 30,000 jobs in Birmingham and London. Without HS2, the current transport system will not deliver capacity demands in the long run.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am pleased that Centro and HS2 have taken the views of Selly Oak constituents seriously. Public transport needs to be shaped and delivered around the needs of local people and they should be at the heart of any transport strategy. On balance I am supportive of HS2. It will free up some existing rail routes and allow improvements for local services and freight and in the long run will bring in a generation of jobs to Birmingham where unemployment is still above the national average.”

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