Coalition Government have nothing to offer people in Birmingham’ says Steve McCabe MP

Steve McCabe has slammed the coalition for failing to address the problems of low pay, insecure jobs and youth unemployment in Birmingham and the regions.



The Queen gave her final speech of this Parliament today before the next election in May 2015 and it was clear the Coalition have run out of steam and ideas and are failing to help those most in need.

The Labour party criticised the government for not doing enough to tackle low wages, insecure jobs and rising living costs.


The Queens speech includes measures to:


-          - Hand more powers to fracking firms, allowing them access to residential properties

-          - Introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags

-          - Give voters powers to trigger by-elections where MPs have committed serious wrong-doing

-          - Introduce legislation to give victims of modern slavery compensation and reparations from their traffickers

-          - Reform the pension system, which includes plans to offer British workers access to Dutch-style collective pension schemes

-          - Give powers to Pub landlords to challenge big pub companies over rents and introduce an independent adjudicator to deal with disputes

-          - Introduce the so called ‘Cinderella Law’ to tackle emotional neglect and abuse of children


Commenting on the Queens Speech, Steve McCabe MP said:

“This was a disappointing speech from a coalition government which has run out of steam and is too busy squabbling with itself.


“While I am supportive of efforts to reform the pension system and introduce legislation to tackle emotional neglect and abuse of children, this speech seems to be just tinkering at the edges.


“People in Birmingham who are doing all they can to make ends meet were hoping to see measures to tackle low pay, zero hours contracts, youth unemployment and rising living costs but the coalition have failed to deliver.”

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