Steve McCabe MP invites local residents to have their say about the future of Katie Road Walk-In Centre

Steve McCabe MP is inviting local residents to a meeting at Elim Church, Selly Oak on Thursday 10 July at 7.15pm with NHS CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group representatives to have their say in the city wide urgent care review pre-consultation and find out what the CCG’s plans are for Katie Road Walk-In Centre. 

CrossCity CCG are currently running a pre-consultation on urgent care services in Birmingham which includes a review of Walk-In Centres and to make sure that local residents get a chance to have their say, Steve has organised a meeting with the Chair of CrossCity CCG and other key decision makers. The purpose of the pre-consultation phase is for service users to input their opinions on urgent care services and Walk-In Centres to help shape the formal consultation which begins in September and closes mid-December.

Katie Road Walk-In Centre sees about 51,000 patients in the course of the year; about 250 every weekend and an average of 40 people most afternoons. Since last year, Steve has been campaigning for openness in the CCG’s decision making process and in March 2013 he wrote to the Chair of Birmingham South CCG, calling for patients to be placed at the centre of any decision making concerning Katie Road NHS Walk-In Centre. At a meeting with local residents and CrossCity CCG in February 2014, Dr Gavin Ralston told local residents that he had no intention of closing the Walk-in Centre yet there continues to be uncertainty surrounding the future of Katie Road Walk-in Centre.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think that it is important we take advantage of the pre-consultation phase to prepare our case before CrossCity CCG head to a formal consultation. At our last meeting it was obvious from the amount of people that turned up just how strongly local residents feel about Katie Road Walk-In Centre, they are not in favour of moving it to the Queen Elizabeth hospital which is why we should take the opportunity to make our views absolutely clear to CrossCity CCG. I don’t know how many consultations we’ve got to have before people will know they’ve been listened to but we’re not giving up on this.”

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