Baverstock students tell Steve McCabe MP ‘Send All My Friends To School’

Students from Baverstock Academy summoned their local MP to school so they could hand their letters to him calling for education for all children across the world.


Students at Baverstock are taking part in the Send All My Friends to School Campaign run by the Global Campaign for Education. Steve was really impressed by the students campaign and told them how he had visited Mozambique and children there had to get up at 4’oclock in the morning to walk miles to school.


In 2000, over 180 countries signed up to the Millennium Development Goals which set out their commitment to ensuring all children get to go to school and have an education. The deadline was set for 2015 and there are around 57 million children still not in school. Out of the 57 million children worldwide who don’t go to school, 24 million children have disabilities. Disability is one of the biggest barriers to children in the developing world completing their education just as it is an issue in our own society. Baverstock pupils are campaigning to end this injustice.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was great to meet with students at Baverstock Academy who were really passionate about their campaign. I will be taking their cause to Parliament and will be asking what our country will be doing to help make sure all children get an education.”

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