Fundraising efforts praised by local MP Steve McCabe

Local MP Steve McCabe has praised the fundraising efforts of staff at his local Sainsbury’s in a store visit on Friday 21st January. Steve was asked to visit to congratulate Jenna Crowe and Becky O’Brien who recently won Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year competition, topping the poll in a contest which was open to over 480 Sainsbury’s store teams.


Jenna and Becky’s combined work for the Edward’s Trust (a small Edgbaston based charity which specialises in bereavement support) has won them an all expenses trip to Malawi this week. It's not entirely a holiday however, because although they will be relaxing on a luxury beach and going on safari they'll also be helping out at one of Sainsbury's Fairtrade farms and also working on the renovation of a local community centre in Malawi which Sainsbury's has helped fund.



Local residents actually chose the charity which Jenna and Becky supported. Sainsbury’s routinely asks its customers to nominate worthy local charities and they are then asked to make a presentation at the store. The successful charity then becomes that store's nominated charity for the year.


Steve said:
“It’s clear that both Jenna and Becky have been completely committed to making their fundraising work a success. There doesn’t seem to be much they won’t turn their hand to. Becky has just completed her first charity parachute jump!
“Other staff raise money through a range of activities including running marathons, car washing, dressing up days, quiz nights and sponsored sessions on exercise bikes. I would like to congratulate them for all their hard work.
“I’m pleased to see another local gem being supported this coming year - the Women's Hospital Trust Tiny Babies Big Appeal which is about raising money to support equipment and the environment for babies born prematurely.”

Sainsury's has thousands of customers through their door each week who generously donate to the fundraising appeals. Sainsbury's also have a very successful in house staff development and management training programme and being a charity coordinator for the store is part of the development programme. It involves liaising with the public, promoting the charity, dealing with all administration and giving up quite a lot of spare time. Becky has been with Sainsbury's 3 years and started on check out but is now a teamleader and well on her way to a senior management role within the organisation.

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