WATCH: Steve McCabe MP urges Foreign Office Minister to redouble the British Government's efforts to restart peace talks between Israel and Gaza

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During Foreign Office Questions in the House of Commons on 22 July 2014, Steve McCabe MP asked:

"I welcome the Minister to his post. I support Israel’s right to defend itself and I condemn the actions of Hamas, but may I urge the Minister to redouble the British Government’s efforts not just to achieve a ceasefire but to restart peace talks designed to achieve a lasting peace, so that we can end this recurring spectre of the suffering of thousands of innocent Palestinians?"

In response, Tobias Ellwood MP, Foreign Office Minister, said:

"That is exactly what the Foreign Secretary is trying to achieve in his work in Brussels today, and the Egyptian leadership is making efforts to do the same, bringing parties together in the region. The UK has three objectives: to secure a ceasefire; to alleviate humanitarian suffering; and to keep alive the prospects for peace negotiations, which are the only hope for ending the cycle of violence once and for all."

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