Jobs for Billesley high on the agenda

Steve McCabe MP and Billesley Councillor Alex Buchanan organised the first stage of a Jobs Summit for Billesley by bringing together local community leaders for serious talks about jobs and employment.


According to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions, 4.1% of people in Billesley are claiming Jobs Seeker’s Allowance, this is almost double the national average. So while the economy is slowly recovering the benefits are yet to reach Birmingham. Steve McCabe and local councillors want action to increase employment options in Billesley.


They asked local community leaders to come together for a Jobs Summit where they could discuss what problems people in Billesley face gaining employment and what needs to be done to improve job prospects locally for people, especially young people in the area.


Trevor Neil from Yardley Wood Baptist Church, Rebecca Clarke from Immanuel Church, Nkem Wachuukwu from Holy Cross, Jadiel Millwood Senior Youth Worker at Maypole Youth Centre, Sandra Jenkinson from Maypole Methodist Church along with Steve McCabe MP and Billesley Ward Councillors Alex Buchanan and Phil Davis have all pledged to work together with other groups to improve the situation in Billesley.  


It was agreed that there needs to be more places where people can go to get advice about jobs and in particular advice about how to start up a business or go self-employed. The group also want to work with big and small employers in the area to see how the local economy can be made to work for local people as well as businesses.


They’ve also agreed to get the ball rolling and organise a Jobs Fair in the autumn to help people without a job get better access to training and employment.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was great to get together with local community leaders and talk jobs. Billesley’s unemployment rate is almost double the national average, we can’t wait for this government to bring jobs to our area so we need to make things change ourselves.”


Cllr Alex Buchanan said:

“Jobs really were a high priority for the people of Billesley when I was on the campaign trail last May. I promised that I’d do something. In Billesley we need to raise aspirations and create jobs so our young people have a better start in life and local people aren’t stuck in a cycle of unemployment and insecure employment. This is why we’re joining forces with local community leaders to try and stimulate the jobs market and bring new opportunities to our area.”

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