Steve McCabe MP gets behind food counter colleagues

Steve McCabe MP recently got behind Selly Oak’s Sainsbury’s local food counter to learn more about preparing food and serving local customers.

Steve was welcomed by Tom Bathurst, counters Team Leader at the deli, pizza and meat/fish counters. During his time on the job they covered the importance of safety and hygiene while preparing food as well as getting a few tips from trained colleagues on how to make an in store pizza.

The day was designed to highlight the various career opportunities retail offers, and training available to colleagues. New staff members receive in depth training from a team of experts that covers product knowledge, knife preparation skills, customer service and merchandising, all valuable skills in the retail sector.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I’ve had a great time accompanying Tom Bathurst, it was great to see how passionate the staff are and it was good to chat with local customers. It was great to see the different work opportunities available in Sainsbury’s.”

Team Leader, Tom Bathurst adds:

“It’s not every day you have your local MP in to work with you. I really enjoyed sharing some of the skills I’ve learnt and having an extra pair of hands.”

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