Steve McCabe MP joins Druids Heath library to celebrate Summer Reading Challenge success

Steve McCabe MP has joined local library, Druids Heath to celebrate their success in encouraging local primary school children to join the library and take part in the Summer Reading Challenge – the UK’s largest promotion for reading.

Over the past year, Steve has been running a campaign to save local libraries and was very pleased to hear that Druids Heath library are actively working to encourage local children to make use of their library. Research shows that the Summer Reading Challenge increases children’s reading range and builds confidence and independent reading whilst preventing the dip in children’s literacy levels during the long school break.

Over 50 children have signed up to the Summer Reading Challenge at Druids Heath library where the children have enjoyed getting creative with this year’s “Mythical Maze” challenge. As part of the challenge, children are given a poster to start them off and each time they read two books they receive a set of stickers to encourage them to stick with the challenge and complete their posters. To recognise this fantastic achievement, Steve presented the Druids Heath library with a certificate and donated two children’s book.

Druids Heath library have recently been awarded funding from the Wolfson Foundation which will see the introduction of Kindles to run children’s reading sessions. As part of Steve’s library campaign he has been a big advocate of introducing new technologies into local libraries so that they remain relevant and was very pleased to hear that Druids Heath library intend to use the funding to innovate and introduce technology.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am pleased to hear that the Summer Reading Challenge has been such a hit with local children, it’s free, inclusive and makes reading fun – a vital ingredient in building literacy. It’s great that Druids Heath library has been recognised as a valuable asset to the local community and I am glad to hear that the funding will be used to introduce new technology and shake up the way people think about and use their local libraries.”

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