Steve McCabe MP asks local people for their views on Immigration

Steve McCabe MP is inviting his constituents to take part in a full and frank conversation on immigration. The consultation which commenced on 1st September is the biggest ever exercise by the MP to consult constituents on a single issue.

This government came to power claiming it would reduce immigration to tens of thousands by 2015. David Cameron is on record as saying, ‘no ifs, no buts immigration will fall to the tens of thousands.’ We’ve recently discovered it actually went up by nearly 70,000 last year.

Many think the government’s current policy on immigration is unfair and isn’t working and that’s why Steve wants to hear directly from his constituents.

Do you think it’s fair that only those with money should be allowed to settle? Do you think it is fair to turn away legitimate students who would contribute thousands of pounds to our universities and help subsidise courses for home students? Do you think it’s fair that people born and brought up in this country are having trouble getting visas for relatives who want to come for a family visit? These are just a few issues that Steve wants to hear from constituents on.

The Labour Party has recently announced new plans to ensure that companies that bring workers in from outside the EU will have to provide apprenticeships for young people in the UK. They have also announced proposals to clamp down on those who don’t pay the minimum wage as well as tougher in/out border controls.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think it’s time for a fresh and serious conversation about immigration. We need to be honest about what’s possible and what isn’t. We need to be clear about what’s racist and what isn’t.

“We need to listen to genuine fears and consider practical solutions and we need to nail the lies. Over the next few months I plan to hold a series of consultations with my constituents with the aim of informing the Labour Party about what will work and what won’t and what people are really saying.”

To take part in Steve’s survey just click here

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