Local people have their say on Immigration

Steve McCabe MP has started his constituency wide immigration conversation with his constituents to hear what local people have to say on the issue.

On Thursday 30 October at Rowheath Pavillion, Steve McCabe MP hosted his first in a series of immigration events following an email consultation he recently did which revealed that 86% of people think that immigration is an important issue. This is Steve’s fourth consultation on immigration since first becoming an MP and his recent email survey was used to start a wider conversation about immigration. The end result being that the views of his constituents will feed into his work in Parliament and will be shared with the Shadow Immigration Minister, David Hanson MP and Shadow Home Office Secretary Yvette Cooper MP to help inform Labour’s policy on immigration.

The participants split into working groups and reported back on a variety of issues including their views on international students, the impact of immigration on jobs and local services and EU immigration. The majority of people supported international student immigration due to the financial benefit they bring to the UK but some felt that they shouldn’t be counted as immigrants. Everyone agreed that more action should be taken against employers that pay immigrants less than the minimum wage to undercut wages and exploit immigrants.

Many people felt that there should be a requirement for immigrants to learn English but this should be done by working with community leaders. The majority of people who attended the event were in support of attracting highly skilled people for specific jobs as well as people who can set up businesses and create jobs. The overall view on immigration was that people aren’t happy with current immigration policy and want the focus to be on attracting highly skilled workers that will add value to our economy. People also wanted better monitoring of who is entering and leaving the county.

Speaking after the event, Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was great to see so many people at my immigration conversation, there were some very thoughtful and useful discussions and I really enjoyed listening to what people had to say on the issue.

“As the local MP, I think that it is important to listen to what people really think about immigration, nail the lies, establish the facts and come up with practical solutions and ideas. I very much look forward to hearing what my other constituents have to say about immigration and will of course share the results of my consultation once I have heard from everyone.”

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