Shadow Children’s Minister calls for Fresh Thinking on Adoption

Steve McCabe MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children and Families has expressed his support for adoption as one of the best means of providing a stable home life for children who can no longer remain with their natural parents.

As part of National Adoption Week, Mr McCabe has announced Labour’s backing for the thousands of unsung heroes up and down the country who open their doors to children who would otherwise face a life in care homes with the prospect of shifting from one residence to another as the years go by.

This year National Adoption week is focussing on the issue of siblings and the real consequences and damage that can occur where brothers and sisters are split as local authorities and adoption agencies consider plans for the long term future of children for whom they are responsible.

Steve McCabe has expressed support for the sibling campaign but also warned that our attitudes to adoption need to shift with the times.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Adoption is a wonderful thing and I’m full of admiration for the generosity of those who come forward to act as adoptive parents but we should recognise that this is about what’s in the best interests of the child and children are not commodities to be parcelled up to fit the prevailing market.

“We have a right to kith and kin and I think we should give very careful consideration before we agree to splitting up brothers and sisters. I also think we need to recognise that the age in which we live isn’t the 1950s world of Katie and Phillip and the Oxo adverts. Today families can be single parents, reconstituted families and gay couples. Adoption is about providing a safe and secure home environment for a child and the kind of people considered for adoption should reflect the world as it now is.”

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