Shadow Children’s Minister opens autism base at Hollywood Primary School

Labour’s Shadow Children’s Minister, Steve McCabe MP opens brand new Autism base at Hollywood Primary School designed specifically to support children with Special Educational Needs.

In his role as both Shadow Children’s Minister and the local MP, Steve McCabe opened Hollywood Primary School’s new autism base which caters for pupils with autism. Head teacher, Simon Dix told Steve that the move to open the base was instigated after one of the pupils was sent to a school on the other side of the city to receive education to meet their needs after being turned down by a number of specialist schools.

Mr Dix explained to Steve that he felt it was important to include all children in school life and stressed the importance of integrating children with Special Educational Needs into mainstream school life instead of expecting them to travel across the city. The base has a capacity of 12 and has two rooms, currently 6 children attend the base and Steve met with parents at the opening who were over the moon that this provision had been put in place for their children.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was an honour to open the new autism base at Hollywood Primary school in my capacity as both Shadow Children’s Minister and the local MP. I was very impressed with the building itself and the staff who clearly do a great job at making sure that the children they teach are included in all aspects of school life.

“I think that it’s important that children with special needs are made to feel included in mainstream schools where they can especially when there is no provision elsewhere. Hollywood Primary school is a fantastic model for inclusion and I wish both the children and the school every success.”

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