Steve McCabe MP supports Coca-Cola campaign to reward responsible drivers this Christmas

Steve McCabe MP is inviting designated drivers to claim their reward for keeping the roads safe this Christmas.

As part of a national campaign run by Coca-Cola in partnership with the Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign, designated drivers can enjoy a “buy one, get one free” offer on Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero as they celebrate the festive period in local pubs and bars.For the first year Schweppes is also included in the offer.

Now in its seventh year, the campaign is bigger than ever and will be on offer in more than 12,500 pubs and bars across Great Britain. The programme will run throughout the entire month of December in pubs across Selly Oak constituency and all over the country.   

The Designated Driver scheme follows the launch of the 50th anniversary campaign from THINK! last month, which demonstrated how attitudes towards drink driving have changed in the last half century since the first public information film was shown. This research showed that 92% of the British public would be ashamed to drink and drive.  This was supported by new research commissioned by Coca-Cola Great Britain, which found that the vast majority (83%) of people surveyed said they would never be tempted to encourage the designated driver to have a drink once inside the pub on a night out.

West Midlands Police are also running a road safety campaign in a Christmas crackdown on drink driving. The force are testing drunk drivers by using their new testing kits to reduce the number of offenders who put themselves and others at risk when they get behind the wheel. As part of the campaign, the Police will be naming and shaming every person that they catch drink driving, last year 205 people were charged to appear before court.

 Steve McCabe MP said:  

“This is a fantastic initiative, with everyone getting in the festive spirit alcohol can be a big temptation this time of the year but it is great to see that designated drivers are being rewarded for being responsible and drink aware. The scheme, teamed with West Midlands Police’s crackdown on drink drivers sends a clear message to people to put safety first and I am pleased that there is a concerted effort to tackle drink driving in my constituency.”

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