Steve McCabe MP votes for Equal Pay transparency across large companies

Steve McCabe MP voted in Parliament to introduce pay transparency across large companies. The measure, put forward by Labour will require companies which employ over 250 staff to publish their own gender pay gap in their annual report.


Labour MPs were joined in Parliament by Gwen Davis, Sheila Douglass, Vera Sime and Eileen Pullen – four of the original Dagenham women who went on strike for equal pay leading to the Equal Pay Act of 1970, as well as the stars of the hit musical ‘Made in Dagenham’ including Gemma Arterton and Isla Blair.


But despite Labour voting through the motion this week, Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs failed to vote in favour after the Government indicated that it did not intend to make pay transparency the law.


The campaign for pay transparency is being led by Labour in Parliament and is widely viewed as a way to stimulate action on the causes of the gender pay gap within workplaces. The campaign is supported by Grazia magazine and employers including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Genesis Housing who are amongst just five companies known to voluntarily publish their pay gap.


Shockingly women still earn an average 81p for every pound earned by men, despite the Equal Pay Act being passed 44 years ago. To coincide with the vote Labour is releasing new analysis of official figures which show that – because of the gender pay gap, women earn an average £209,976 less over their lifetime than men.

Steve McCabe MP said:


“Women and their families across my constituency will be wondering why the Tories and Lib Dems failed to back equal pay for millions of women across Britain. Women in my constituency and across the UK shouldn’t have to wait another generation for equal pay. I voted for pay transparency because ultimately it will shine a light on the problem of unequal pay and help employers to close the pay gap once and for all.”

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