Steve McCabe MP calls for debate on bogus ambulance calls and the operation of the ORCON response system.

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During Business Questions on 8th January 2015 Steve McCabe MP urged William Hague MP, Leader of the House of Commons to find time for a debate on tackling bogus calls to the ambulance service and to look at the operation of the ambulance ORCON (operational research consultancy) response system.

Steve McCabe MP said that:

“I have recently discovered that 30 addresses in the midlands accounted for 5,000 bogus emergency calls to the ambulance service in one year, and 600 were to a single address in Birmingham.”

Stressing that this is not just a local problem Steve McCabe MP called on the Leader of the House to find Government time to debate the issue.

William Hague MP recognised the importance of the issue and promised he would refer the matter to the relevant Ministers.

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