City MP calls on Council to apply for £1million Planning Enforcement Fund

Steve McCabe MP is calling on the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council to apply for a piece of a £1million Planning Enforcement Fund announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government.


The Department for Communities and Local Government announced details of a £1million fund to help local authorities with the costs of seeking a court injunction against those who flout planning laws. Councils can apply for up to £10,000 per case to secure a court injunction.


Steve McCabe MP has been raising concerns about breaches of planning laws with the City Council for many months. Steve has been inundated with complaints from constituents about neighbours and landlords building extensions without planning permission and unfortunately for local people the Council have been disinclined to take enforcement action against the perpetrators in many cases.


Ironically many of these extensions have been erected under the guise of permitted development, a change in planning law brought in by the current government.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am urging Birmingham City Council to take advantage of this £1 million fund to help them take enforcement action against people that ignore our planning laws and build buildings and extensions that blight our neighbourhoods and make residents lives a misery.


“It is ironic that Mr Pickles has announced a new fund to help councils with enforcement action when he is responsible for introducing permitted development which has resulted in widespread breaches of planning rules.


“Selly Oak is being overrun with cowboy builders and rogue landlords who think they can do as they please, I hope that resources from this fund can be used to ensure a proper enforcement strategy which tackles these breaches.”

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