Steve McCabe MP joins 8 year old heart patient in call to protect lifesaving science budget

Steve McCabe MP isbacking the British Heart Foundation’s call on the next government to protect the science budget to continue lifesaving research.

Steve joined 8 year old heart patient Emily Sullivan for a science lesson to highlight the importance of charities being able to continue funding medical research. Emily has had three open heart surgeries after being born with three large holes in her heart, a condition that more and more people are surviving because of BHF research.

Medical research charities, like the BHF, rely on government investment to pay for the indirect costs of research, such as lighting, electricity and heating for laboratories. For every £1 charities spend directly on medical research, the Government pays 26p to help fund the indirect costs.

Without government support, the BHF’s ability to fund world class research to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease (CVD) would be significantly reduced. A quarter of all deaths in the UK are caused by CVD and there are an estimated seven million people living with the condition.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Charities are an essential part of the UK medical research environment and the science budget is vital to supporting their research. Children like Emily are living proof that the science budget needs to be protected, if we are to prevent and treat devastating conditions like cardiovascular disease we need continued investment in pioneering research. I myself had heart surgery a few years ago so I know first-hand just how important medical research for new cures is.”

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