Hamilton Tree Care evade trading standards laws and prey on vulnerable 75 year old disabled lady

Steve McCabe MP is warning his constituents to steer clear of Hamilton Tree Care after being contacted by his 75 year old disabled constituent who was unwittingly made to sign a £850 cheque for the trimming of an ivy plant.

The disabled 75 year old lady contacted Steve after she was approached by a gardener called Mr T Hamilton who operated under the company name of Hamilton Tree Care. At the time, Steve’s constituent had agreed for her ivy plant to be cut but was shocked when she realised that the gardener had conned her by charging her a whopping £850!

Mr Hamilton’s invoice included works that Steve’s constituent did not agree to; tree pruning, roots destroyed, conifers reduced, hedges replaced and ‘other’ were listed in the invoice but none of these jobs were carried out. Steve’s constituent was not aware of what she was signing and before she knew it the gardener had talked her into paying £850. After Steve’s constituent realised what she had signed, she contacted Trading Standards who confirmed that Hamilton Tree Care did not comply with trading laws as they did not provide an estimated bill or an indication of how long the job would take.

No address for the company was provided on the invoice to Steve’s constituent and there’s no trace of Hamilton Tree Care online and it is not registered on Companies House.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting that vulnerable elderly people like my constituent are preyed upon by con artists only interested in making a quick buck. Hamilton Tree Care charged my constituent an exorbitant sum for essentially cutting a plant and the fact that the company is untraceable suggests that the company is not legit and has flouted trading standard laws. It is unlikely that my constituent is going to get her money back but I would advise my constituents to avoid Hamilton Tree Care and make sure to ask for quotes before agreeing to any work.”

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