Local MP Steve McCabe is put in the political hot seat by Year 6 pupils from Raddlebarn Primary School

Local MP, Steve McCabe, Birmingham Selly Oak faced a grilling from Year 6 students at Raddlebarn Primary School.

The students invited Steve to take part in their very own ‘question time’ style debate ahead of their exciting school trip to Westminster later on in the year. Steve was asked about his views on a range of important issues including the environment, welfare, discrimination, jobs, and crime as well as his role as the local MP.

A panel of students; Dexter, Olivia, Elliott, Sara and Maleeha took it in turns to direct questions from their classmates which ranged from local to national and global issues. Pupils asked Steve questions on whether he thought the UK was doing enough to help poorer countries. Steve explained that he thinks the UK does have a responsibility to help other countries and it was important to talk about the best ways of doing this.

The pupils also asked Steve if he would ever like to be an MP somewhere else in the country. Steve told them that he had been a Birmingham MP for 18 years, and couldn’t imagine representing anywhere else.

Steve filled the pupils in on when he was elected, working for the people of Selly Oak and his favourite thing about being an MP which is meeting his constituents, listening to ideas and helping to resolve problems.

Steve said:

“It’s always encouraging to see school children engaging with politics and I was very impressed with the range of intelligent and very well thought out questions they had prepared for me. The pupils from Raddlebarn Primary School definitely kept me on my toes and it’s great to see children and young people involved, informed and enthusiastic about politics.”

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