Birmingham MP calls for Parliamentary Debate on BBC Charter

Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, has called for a Parliamentary Debate on the renewal of the BBC Charter to demand more investment in the Midlands so licence fee payers get a fair share of their £942 million contribution.


The BBC’s Charter is up for renewal next year.


Recently Steve McCabe MP has spoken out against the BBC’s lack of investment in the Midlands as research from the Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands revealed that although the Midlands licence fee payers contributed £942 million to the BBC last year only £80 million was actually invested in the region.


Birmingham MPs Steve McCabe and Gisela Stuart are set to meet with the BBC bosses tomorrow, Friday 6 March, to discuss plans to bring the BBC Academy to Birmingham.


Last year the BBC announced 81 jobs were set to be created in Birmingham by bringing the HR Department and the BBC Academy to the Mailibox. The BBC Academy helps nurture talent and trains and develops future Journalists, Broadcasters and Producers ready for the media industry.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am looking forward to hearing about the progress of bringing the BBC Academy to Birmingham. Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe and it makes good sense to base the Academy here where there is a rich pool of talent available.


“I am calling for a parliamentary debate to make the case for bigger investment in the Midlands, if we are to train the next generation of broadcasters here it makes no sense to send them off to London or Manchester. We need to see real programme making in the Midlands to keep our talent at home and to contribute to our local economy.”

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