Jobs #1 priority for Selly Oak constituency - Your views on The Cost of Living and the Economy

Steve McCabe has been conducting a wide ranging consultation on the cost of living and the state of the economy and the results are in


·         75% of constituents felt that things are moving in the wrong direction

·         86% of people felt that the number of low paid jobs in Birmingham is a major issue facing our city. The number of zero hour contracts has now reached 1.8 million nationally. These contracts mean no guaranteed hours or minimum pay for far too many working people.

·         The survey found that energy bills (47%) are creating the greatest pressure on most people’s day to day spending. The cost of food bills and other household items (30%) were also a major concern. It terms of household budgets factors such as no wage increases, lack of savings to fall back on and changes to benefits were amongst the most reported concerns

·         44% of people said they were unable to buy their own home because they could not afford to save for a deposit and pay rent and 46% of people were worried about their children not being able to afford their own home.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“It is clear to me that many people are really struggling with the cost of living whether it’s putting food on the table, paying their heating bills or getting a foot on the property ladder.


“Unemployment in Selly Oak Constituency is unacceptably high at 4.5% almost twice the national average. We are in the top 16% of constituencies in the country for unemployment. It just isn’t coming down quickly enough and the increase in zero hours contracts has made this worse with many of my constituents not having any guaranteed hours or minimum pay. This needs to change.


“I am confident that the Life Sciences Park and Retail Park development at the Battery Site will bring new jobs and I am hopeful the long awaited Tesco development in Stirchley will bring regeneration and a new lease of life to the area. Cadbury’s owners Mondelez have also announced £75 million of new investment at Bournville which is the highest level of investment in any single constituency in Birmingham and crucial to securing the factory’s long term future.


“My constituents are telling me they want better jobs with better pay and swingeing cuts will not deliver. So for me the economy is about a choice- we can have a further programme of austerity with even more severe cuts or we can take a little longer to balance the books and use some of the money to invest in the future.”

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