Small victory for Selly Oak residents as enforcement action is finally taken against rogue landlords

Steve McCabe MP has hailed a small victory for local Selly Oak residents as Birmingham City Council’s Planning Department finally take enforcement action against rogue landlords.

A year after being contacted by many constituents from Gristhorpe Road in the heart of Selly Oak, the Council have issued enforcement notices to unscrupulous landlords, Britannia Property Group for consistently breaching planning laws. Steve was first contacted by concerned local residents when they noticed large rear extensions being built without any consultation with local people or the Council’s planning department.

For the past year, Steve and local residents have been actively pressing the Council’s Planning Department to take enforcement action against the blatant breaches of planning laws by property developers, Britannia Property Group. These breaches include unauthorised extensions and alternations without any planning permission, with the intention to create a number of multi occupancy lettings on Gristhorpe Road.

The enforcement notices which have been issued by the Council’s Planning Department require the owners of a number of properties on Gristhorpe Road to demolish the single storey imposing rear extensions and roof enlargements. The landlords have also been instructed to remove demolished materials from the site and restore the properties to their original condition.

The Council have also introduced a new ruling to limit the number of houses in the Selly Oak area that can become houses of multiple occupation, this is known as the Article 4 Direction. From now on, if anyone wants to transform a family home into a house where three or more unrelated people live together, they must apply for planning permission.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am pleased to hear that the Council are finally taking the concerns of local residents seriously and I welcome this enforcement action. Whilst this is good news, I recognise that there is still a long way to go in tackling rogue landlords and cowboy builders who contravene planning laws in Selly Oak. In 18 years as a Member of Parliament I have not known anything like the level of distress caused by the planning process in ordinary streets in my constituency and I am extremely concerned about the impact on people, property and neighbourhoods which is why I will continue to press the Council on enforcement action.

“I have also applied a number of times to Mr Speaker for a Parliamentary debate on this issue as my constituents are fed up of unscrupulous landlords and cowboy builders doing what they want with no consideration whatsoever for our community.”

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