Government Minister not worried by closure of Brum citizens advice bureaux

Steve challenged the Tory led Government yesterday (8th February) over the impending closure of all 5 citizens advice bureaux in Birmingham.
During Treasury questions Steve asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury to confirm whether he was “at all worried about the cuts to them [the CAB], including the closure of all five in Birmingham?” The Financial Secretary responded by saying that the Government took the issue of financial advice very seriously but stopped short of expressing concern about the closure of the CAB and the impact these cuts will have on vulnerable Birmingham residents. Meanwhile in the House of Lords Government Minister Lady Wilcox said that the funding issue was simply “a council matter”.
Steve McCabe MP said:
“People who go to Citizens Advice are people who have got into difficulty but are determined to do something about it before it gets out of hand. That’s exactly the kind of people we should be trying to support. It’s not only the right thing to do but makes financial sense too for Government in the medium term.
“But yet again we see that this Tory led Government and Birmingham’s Tory led council are out of touch with the very real economic difficulties being faced by hard working people.
“16 Government ministers have had to set up special accounting arrangements so they can keep benefitting from sources of income in addition to their parliamentary AND ministerial salaries but it’s not like that for most people. Most people are simply trying to keep pace with rising fuel prices, the hike in VAT and increasing inflation.
“You can bet that these ministers relied on financial advice to get these blind trusts set up - exactly the kind of advice that they are removing from hard working people in Birmingham.”


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