Bournville set to lose last bank in the village

Steve McCabe MP and local Bournville residents are outraged at Lloyds Bank’s refusal to reconsider the closure of the bank branch in the heart of Bournville Village.

After learning that Lloyds Bank intended to close the local Bournville branch without any consultation with local residents or elected representatives, Steve swiftly demanded answers from the Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group. Steve received a less than satisfactory reply, Lloyds issued no apology for not consulting with Bournville residents about the closure and reeled off a list of unhelpful statistics and confirmed that they would not overturn their decision.

Steve pushed the bank on whether they had considered the importance of the bank to local people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable. Steve also highlighted how a local bank branch was central to Cadbury’s vision that a bank should be part of the community in Bournville. Despite this, Lloyds have confirmed that they have no plans to negotiate or reconsider their decision.

During the Budget Debate last week Vince Cable said that he was considering proposals to limit bank closures and referred to this as the ‘last bank in the village idea.’ Steve raised this issue during the debate and stated that ‘instead of a headlong rush to offload Lloyds Bank, perhaps the Chancellor should encourage it to show a greater sense of social responsibility and more respect for local business people in places like Bournville where its high handed closure programme shows contempt for the local community and taxpayers. It is a joke for the Business Secretary to come here and say that he will protect the last bank in the village. It is the last bank in the village. There is a massive public stake in it and he cannot lift a hand to do anything about it.’

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Over 20% of Lloyds bank is owned by the public and I am shocked that they haven’t bothered to consult their own customers and the decision to close the Bournville branch was done with no engagement with local people in the community. The fact that no apology has been issued and that they are not willing to negotiate or reconsider their decision speaks volumes. For a bank that was bailed out by the taxpayers, it appears to have learned few lessons in customer service. Lloyds seem to have no consideration for the Cadbury vision or my constituents and since they don’t seem to care about the people of Bournville I will be exploring other avenues to keep a bank in the community.

“I find it totally ironic that the Business Secretary stated that he is considering proposals to limit bank closures during the budget debate yet people in my constituency are set to lose their local bank. I will be pressing Vince Cable on this to see where my constituents figure in his plans to protect the last bank in the village.”

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