Bournville conservation area rules ignored by Council’s Highways Contractors Amey

Local Bournville residents are outraged after learning that the Council’s Highways Contractors, Amey have decided that they will not be honouring the restrictions of Bournville’s conservation area by installing LED street lighting.

Last year Amey consulted local residents on proposed street lighting in the Bournville Conservation Area and a design of the street lighting was agreed with residents who overwhelmingly opted for heritage style laterns in keeping with Cadbury’s original design and vision for the area. Many residents feel that this is a total betrayal to the heritage and history of Bournville and are angry that as residents they are expected to abide by strict conservation codes yet the Council’s contractors are allowed to ignore them. Residents have approached Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Steve McCabe who has raised this with the Council and Amey.

Despite consulting with local people Amey are not going to stick to their original agreement with Bournville residents and will be installing LED streetlights. Amey have told Steve that the primary reason for this decision is cost based and they intend to plough on with their plans to install the modern LED street lights before the end of May.

Steve McCabe said:

“I think it is an absolute disgrace that Amey have gone back on an agreement that was made with local Bournville residents last year. Local people are expected to keep a particular style of window in keeping with the conservation area and are penalised by the Council if they don’t abide by the conservation rules but it seems Amey can get away with doing what they like. I intend to take this up with the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive to find out exactly what kind of contract they have with Amey because this simply is not acceptable.”

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