Brum told to like it or lump it in Queens Speech

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, says he is very disappointed that the Queen’s Speech seems to offer so little for the people of Birmingham.


The Government has announced an ambitious 26 Bill package closely modelled on the Tory election manifesto. The Prime Minister says it will deliver full employment and bring the country together but Steve McCabe says most of the legislation will never see the light of day and he doubts how embroiling the country in so much constitutional legislation will benefit anyone apart from political anoraks.


The Government has announced a Cities and Devolution Bill which will give generic powers to any elected Mayor in a combined authority of councils in major English cities. This has been dubbed the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ by George Osborne as the plan for devolution to city regions will start in Greater Manchester.


In May 2012 Birmingham voted No against having a directly elected mayor to run the city. Now George Osborne is saying Birmingham will not get further devolution and investment unless people accept his demand for a Mayor representing a combined authority. Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton have agreed to join forces to create a combined authority and to work for the betterment of the region.  


Steve said:

“We have to accept that the Tories won the election and they are largely following the manifesto claims. We can have a combined authority to manage Tory cuts providing we agree to have a Tory Mayor to oversee it. There will be no democracy here and no respect for the voting choices of people in Birmingham.


“Unemployment in my constituency is almost double the national average, Birmingham and the West Midlands deserve a much fairer share of investment without Tory strings attached to bring jobs to the region. We need measures to bring employers and schools together, properly funded apprenticeships, training in setting up micro businesses and establishing sound portfolio employment options but instead we are going to be bogged down with more devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. English votes for English laws and gerrymandered regional devolution and the forced sale of Housing Association properties when the best way to stimulate the local economy and provide jobs would be a viable house building programme.


“This is a Queen’s Speech designed to satisfy the extremes of the Tory Party. I doubt the present Prime Minister can deliver it and I’ll be very surprised if they haven’t forced him out within two years.’”

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