Steve McCabe MP welcomes plans for 300 new BBC jobs for Brum

Steve McCabe MP has welcomed news that the BBC is planning to bring 300 more jobs to Birmingham.

The BBC, which has been heavily criticised by local Birmingham MP, Steve McCabe for not investing enough in the region has announced this week that they will be bringing 300 new jobs to the city. The jobs will be based in the BBC’s HR and training arm and there are also plans to create a new HR Service Centre in the city.

Steve has been outspoken about the unequal spending levels in the Midlands by the publicly-funded broadcaster when compared to the rest of the UK, particularly the South. Whilst Steve welcomes the new jobs he is still calling for more programmes to be made in the region and more investment for Birmingham’s creative industries.

Midland licence fee-payers contributed £942 million to the broadcaster last year, yet the corporation invested just £80 million across the region – less than it spends in London in 12 days and less than 9% of the total licence fee figure.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It is good news that the BBC plans to bring 300 new jobs to Birmingham, I think it is a much needed boost to the people of Birmingham. I still think that more needs to be done to boost the creative industries in the city and more programmes need to be made across the region. Our licence fee money is disproportionately spent in London and I will continue to push for fairness.”

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