Watch: Steve McCabe MP speaks out for a more equitable share of the BBC’s budget in the Midlands

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The issue of fairer funding by the BBC in the Midlands was taken to Parliament this week.

MPs from across the region highlighted the inequality in funding the Midlands receives from the BBC during a debate in Westminster Hall.


At the moment Midlands’ licence-fee payers contribute £942 million to the BBC but in return only receive £80 million in investment. This means that the Midlands pay 25% of the licence fee but only 2% is actually spent in the region.


Steve told MP’s that as Europe’s youngest city and one of the most diverse and multi-cultural, Birmingham needs a real programme for mentoring and apprenticeships and we need to know that digital innovation is more than just a form of words. Steve went on to say the BBC are missing a huge opportunity by not harnessing the huge talent and creativity in Birmingham and across the Midlands.


Speaking in the debate, Steve McCabe said:


What we need from the BBC is simple: a fairer share of the spend and a much firmer commitment that BBC production will be brought to our region. For far too many of my constituents and, I suspect, people across the midlands, the BBC means London, Cardiff, Salford, Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow—the big six—and indeed anywhere but our region.


“Various people have cited the figures; the simple fact remains that midlands licence fee payers contribute about £942 million to the BBC and get back about £80 million in investment, less than 9% of the total licence fee. I do not think that anyone would see that as fair.

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