Cameron chickens out on Fox Hunting Vote

The Government have announced a U Turn over changes to the Hunting Act denying MP’s a debate and vote on the issue, less than a week after Cameron told Steve he came to Parliament to debate such issues.


Last week during PMQ’s Steve McCabe asked David Cameron if he planned to use legislation on English Votes for English Laws to repeal the Hunting Act. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons it would be a chance to debate an issue then have a vote.


With the vote planned for tomorrow the Government have done a spectacular U Turn and called off the vote following news that Scottish Nationalist MP’s will also vote against changes to the ban.


Steve voted for the ban on fox hunting in 2004 and believes the government are now trying to bring back hunting. The Conservative manifesto promised a vote to repeal the hunting ban but now the government is planning a wrecking amendment which they say is a refinement of the law. It's quite clearly designed to weaken the law and allow the reintroduction of hunting by the back door.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“The Prime Minister is running scared. He told me last week that this was an opportunity to debate and take a vote on this issue but now he knows he is going to lose he calls it off. 


“The government are trying to bring back fox hunting by the back door but won’t let MPs have their say. This is a sign of weakness from a weak Prime Minister who can't rely on his own MPs to back him.”

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