Steve supports Brain Tumour Awareness month

Steve attended a reception in Parliament last night to support the "Behind the Mask" campaign.

The "Behind the Mask" campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by people who have brain tumours. It has been organised by a coalition of brain tumour charities and organisations.

Every year about 8,600 primary brain tumours are registered in the UK. These figures are thought to be an underestimate and some charities think the true figure could be as high as 16,000.

Malignant brain tumours are the most significant cause of cancer death for men under 45 and women under 35 and include 400 children each year.

Steve said:

"The charities are calling for better information and direction and guidance for GPs and A&E teams as delayed diagnosis is part of the problem as well as more research and better support for those suffering from this condition. I support their work."

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