Selly Oak local residents have their say about road safety on Gibbins Road

Steve McCabe MP met with local residents from Selly Oak on Saturday 11 July to listen to concerns about road safety on Gibbins Road.

After being contacted by a number of Selly Oak residents who live on Gibbins Road and the surrounding area, Steve McCabe MP and local Councillors invited residents to have their say about road safety and listen to their concerns.

Nearly 40 local residents expressed a number of concerns about the layout of the road and the speed at which cars travel down Gibbins Road since the new road connecting to Harborne Lane had opened. Many people felt that there has been an increase in the volume of traffic on Gibbins Road and believed that many motorists use the road as a main road making it difficult for local residents to enter and exit their drives. People also expressed concern about pedestrians crossing the road safely as many drivers frequently speed down the road.

There were a number of suggestions to tackle speeding on Gibbins Road which included; introducing vehicle activated monitoring signs or speed bumps, traffic lights at the current zebra crossing, residents carrying out regular speed checks and the introduction of a 20mph speed limit zone. Selly Oak Councillors and a Council Highways representative agreed to look into the points that were raised by residents at the meeting.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was clear from the turnout and response from local residents that people feel very strongly about this issue. I have spoken to a lot of people over the past few months about what worries them and following the tragic accident that took place on Gibbins road, the issue of road safety on Gibbins Road is as important as ever. The ideas and suggestions from local people were really interesting and I am pleased that the Council have agreed to look at this and I’ll be making sure that this is followed up.”






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