Steve McCabe MP launches consultation on Assisted Dying

Steve McCabe MP launches consultation on Assisted Dying

A Private Member’s Bill on Assisted Dying is scheduled to have its Second Reading in the House of Commons on 11 September 2015, Steve McCabe MP (Birmingham Selly Oak) is contacting different groups across the constituency to ask for their views.

The Bill would allow doctors to prescribe a lethal prescription, if personally requested, to terminally ill patients judged to have six months or less to live. They would be assessed to ensure that they had formed a “clear and settled intention” and a final decision would be subject to two doctors and a high court judge.

A recent opinion poll by Populus suggested that 82% of people were in favour of allowing a terminally ill, mentally competent person the option of assistance to die.Those who support the Bill say it will prevent prolonged suffering among dying adults who want a choice over how and when they die.

Many people are concerned that if the Bill passes, it could reinforce the idea that sick and vulnerable people are a burden. They argue that for some a right to die may end up feeling more like a duty to die. Other people feel strongly for religious reasons that any move towards assisted dying is wrong.

Before Steve decides how he will vote he will be seeking opinions from a range of key stakeholders across the constituency, including doctors, faith groups, carers and charity organisations.

Steve said:

“Not surprisingly I have been inundated with letters and emails from people on both sides of this argument. I’m really aware of the sincerity of both sides and I want to give the fullest possible consideration to this matter. This is why I have embarked on a consultation across the constituency to hear from as wide a range of people as possible. I’m conscious that whatever I decide I will upset some people but I’d really like to hear people’s thoughts on this issue before I arrive at my decision.”

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