3 roads, 20 skips – just a normal morning in Selly Oak

Steve McCabe MP has spoken out against the sheer volume of building work taking place in Selly Oak after he witnessed a total of 20 skips on three roads.

Steve was unsurprised to find Hubert, Dartmouth and Tiverton Road lined with skips, bricks and scaffolding. The roads are within very close proximity to each other and it appeared that it was business as usual for builders this Thursday morning. With students away for summer, landlords are using the summer months to employ builders to carry out extensive building work to a number of properties in Selly Oak.

Steve fears that the majority of the work is taking place under the misuse of permitted development and is concerned that the sheer volume of rubbish left on the streets of Selly Oak will make life a misery for local residents. Steve will be asking the Council whether they are aware of the works currently under way in Selly Oak or whether any planning applications have been put forward.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Every summer the streets of Selly Oak are blighted with cowboy builders who dump rubbish on our streets and ruin local neighbourhoods so that landlords can build extensions to create bigger HMOs and cram as many students into these properties. This isn’t fair on local residents or students and I do not think that we should be complacent about the amount of building work taking place in Selly Oak in such a condensed area which is why I will be taking this up with the Council.”

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